5 Must Have Accessories That Can Elevate Your Outfit



1. Scarves

When people hear the word “scarves,” they usually think of winter or head scarves to keep them warm and secure. But did you know that scarves can be worn stylishly in whatever weather, at whatever time of the year, and with whatever outfit. So, next time you’re shopping and thinking of how to step-up your wardrobe game, invest in one or two beautiful silk scarves.

Looking for how to style them? There are actually loads of tips and inspirations on how to style scarves on Pinterest, from something as simple as tying it on your hang bag or denim pants to many other creative styles.


2. Jewelry

They say, diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart, and I must say, they are not wrong. Jewelry is the easiest way to elevate your outfit and most importantly, it remains timeless. Our forefathers and mothers wore jewelry, our great-grand grandchildren are going to wear jewelry and our outfits are going to stand

the test of time with the right jewelry. Many times, all you need to take those basic outfits to the next level are unique earnings, a gorgeous necklace or stunning rings.


3. Bags

Little bags are the new trend in town, and we are loving it! Fine, it isn’t the most practical piece, but we’ll be lying if we say it isn’t a showstopper. It doesn’t have to be the tiniest bag imaginable but smaller bags do add a certain "pizzazz" to your look.

It can take your dinner dress look from 0 to a 100 and your casual look from basic to boujee just like that. So, I’d advise you to invest in a little bag and if you are looking for ways to style it, Pinterest is your best friend.


4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses, just like jewelry, are an easy and timeless way to elevate your outfit. They can be worn with at any occasion and are all you need to complete your classy look

5. Hats

"Hats are back in style", they say but my question is, who said they ever left? Whether it’s a simple beanie, baseball hat, fedora or floppy hat, these hat styles can change your look and leave you feeling more confident depending on how you style them.

So, let’s get hat savvy! Learn all the types of hats from google, buy your favorites ones and head on to Pinterest to get inspired.




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